Art Deco Compacts

Art Deco designs had been refined into more sophisticated, and organized lines and beautiful shades are characteristic of this era. Designs reflecting social interests, such as women who attracted attention (aviatrix) and a president’s beloved dog (Fala) were adopted as motifs for production. The materials and functions became more varied. In addition, blush and lipstick, lighters and watches were also added and a greater variety of shapes were created.

Mint Suitcase

1930sUSAChrome alloy,Enamel

As one of the products displaying outstanding characteristics of Art Deco design, this vanity compact is in beautiful mint green. The full, round design with a suitcase motif and two silver lines accentuate the color. This compact was designed to contain fuchsia pink rouge and face powder. A mirror is set in the middle of the compact.

Blue Gradation

1930sUSAChrome alloy,Enamel

A small Art Deco compact convenient for carrying around with four gradations of royal blue. It has a round gentle feel in line with the simple design. The inside is a wonder of unique devices. Face powder can be ejected with springs by opening the back lid, and a splendid mirror – which was rare in those days – is set inside.

Pink & Blue

1930sFranceChrome alloy,Enamel

An Art Deco compact with bright pastel colors. Its macaroon color is reminiscent of France. Inside the compact, you will find a polished metal mirror; and pressed powder, blush, and eyebrow color can also be introduced. The elegantly colored blush that decorated women’s cheeks back in the day still remains.

Yellow & Purple

1930〜1931USAChrome alloy,Enamel

This small purse-style Art Deco compact has bright pastel colors, and is light and compact with a chain strap. Face powder, blush, and lip color can be introduced, and detailed reliefs are engraved inside, allowing you to enjoy the compact in all its glory. Back in the day, women who went out with just this compact in their hands must have reapplied their makeup with ease and style.

Orange Coty

1933USAChrome alloy,Plastic

A compact with the Coty emblem drawn on an Art Deco design, reminiscent of the towering skyscrapers of New York. Its orange hue is rather striking. The advertisement, "Glowing people choose this compact to make their friends happy and shine," is ever-present, representing an era when a cosmetics company and a metal company cooperated with a view to expanding the cosmetics market around the world. Inside, you will find refillable powder and blush. The pink powder and pink red blush are indicative of the feminine side of its previous owner.



A cute and elegant Art Deco compact featuring a Scottish terrier in the design. The terrier is none other than Fala, the famous pet of then-American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. As his New Deal measures began to take effect and drag the country out of the Great Depression, FDR's popularity rose, and the cute Fala also came to be a cherished national icon and a symbol of hope and optimism that was used as a motif on all sorts of items, including compacts such as this one.


1933〜1935USAChrome alloy

This compact is notable for its large size, but the silhouette depiction of the lady is interesting for its Art Deco and surrealistic touch, and is also suggestive of a poolside scene. This compact has a powerful presence, but the beige enamel gives it a soft, feminine appeal.

Red & Black

1935〜1936UKChrome alloy,Enamel

A large Art Deco compact where the oriental coloration of red and black is expressed aside a distinctive silver line.

Evening in Paris I


A delightful cheek rouge compact with “Evening in Paris” written on the puff inside. In keeping with this name, the silver lid is engraved with images of concerts and other evening scenes, with a star in the center, which is a simple but stylish Art Deco design. Various compacts were made on the same theme, and this is one of three in the Kanebo Collection.

Evening in Paris II


In keeping with the name “Evening in Paris,” this is one of three compacts in our collection engraved with images of various Paris evening scenes, including the Eiffel Tower, musicians, dinner, policeman, car, painting, Les Invalides, adagio dancing, L'Arc de Triomphe, and dancing cheek-to-cheek – a selection that speaks to the diversity of Paris’s culture. Geometric designs were often used in the Art Deco era, and the base – like the lid – is spindle-shaped.

Evening in Paris III


A late-Art Deco period compact that is both chic and stylish in which the silver lid, engraved with scenes depicting “Gay Paris” in the 1930s, is offset by a night-blue body. This is one of three compacts in the Kanebo Collection with the same name – “Evening in Paris.” An item designed for women eager to look good while they go out and enjoy the evening.

Masculine Carry All

1930sUSASilver,Gold filling,Gold plating,Sapphire

A gorgeous and practical piece of work with a sharp form in which silver and gold are offered in geometric patterns, with a clasp adorned with sapphires. Can hold face powder, lip color, and a lighter – as well as cigarettes. A perfect compact for women with a cool, hip look.


1930sFranceSterling silver

Chinoiserie-themed compact. In the 1930s, oriental patterns of flowers and birds were all the rage in Europe and the US. This compact presents an oriental atmosphere with the gold gatefold design top with fretwork carving. An elegant compact with rubies adorning the flowers.



A multi-functional feminine compact. Open the beautiful top to find loose powder and blush hidden behind the mirror. The compact also acts as a cigarette case. It gives ladies all the tools they need to stay beautiful within a small compact. A piece of artwork for elegant and active “modern girls.”

China Girl


A compact illustrated with a Chinese-looking girl and Chinese characters. Chinoiserie – decoration influenced by Chinese art – came in vogue in 17th century Europe, but it wasn’t until this era that interest in all things Chinese spread to oriental fashion and calligraphy. The combination of blue and pink add to the charm of this compact.

R&G Green


This is a cute compact in which the hand-painted flowers add a warm touch to the green background and geometric Art Deco design. Ripley & Gowen (R&G) made only a small number in this design, making this a rarity. A small compact that sits cozily in the palm, it contains loose powder, blush and a high quality mirror. The blush is a mellow pink that begs to be used even today, and conjures up images of the elegant lady who used it originally.

R&G Red


This is another of the vividly colored compacts made by Ripley & Gowen (R&G). Though small in size, it has larger-than-life visual impact with its red background, and black and gold relief rim, which affords it a modern look. The lavender-colored flowers give the compact a feminine air. The octagonal shape reflects the influence of artifacts from excavations of Aztec, Egyptian and other early civilizations, and was a key Art Deco motif.

Houbigant Flower Basket Ⅰ


The flower basket that was a key motif at the 1925 Paris Expo (Art Deco Expo) was often used to decorate compacts. This was made by Houbigant Inc. Its flower basket is a famous design that was also used for a powder box. This small compact is the perfect size to slip into a pocket. With the growing number of expositions and other events, women had more opportunities to get out and socialize, and little compacts like this were no doubt essential items for such escapades.

Houbigant Flower Basket Ⅱ


This is a Houbigant powder box sporting the famous flower basket motif. The box is made from paper, but is embossed with the pattern, and the sides and bottom of the box are also decorated. Despite being only a box of powder to refill compacts, it is pretty enough to add to the interior of any boudoir. The care that has gone into the design of this box suggests that even the simple act of refilling a compact was important to ladies of this period.

Houbigant Flower Basket Ⅲ

Late 1930sFrancePlastic,Brass

This is another compact sporting Houbigant's famous flower basket motif. A number of variations on this design exist. This compact's design has a modern air to it because this was made slightly later. In Europe, flower baskets were regarded as symbols of a happy marriage, and maybe for this reason, the motif had long been popular with women.



Flowers were very commonly used in early Art Deco compacts. Pansies, the hand-painted flowers depicted on this compact, are rarely seen. The bright green enamel and geometrical pattern give this piece a very modern feel, and speak volumes about the tastes of the time. This compact contains loose powder and blush, and can be hung from the hand using a chain.

Yellow Rose


Plastic was a revolutionary material of the 1930s, and was thus the material of choice for making all sorts of items. This compact is made of Bakelite, a high quality plastic that undergoes polishing after manufacture. The rose on this compact gives the appearance of having been carved, making this a very appealing piece of work.

Rose Painting


This compact is decorated with roses reminiscent of a painting, and set off by the relief pattern framing it. Roses are in a league of their own as flowers used to decorate compacts, and so rose designs are very common, but this has a particularly unique coloration.